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DIY Bordered Chevron With Beads 

Materials: Embroidery floss (at least 60 inches) in four colors, seed beads, scissors, tape, hard surface.

  1. Fold your strings in half and knot at the top. Separate strings. 
  2. Knot your outside color twice on the next string, and then leave it out.  That color will remain on the outside and be the border for the bracelet.  Use the next color to knot the remaining line and tie together in the middle, forming a chevron. 
  3. Once you get three of each color, add a few beads to the middle strings.
  4. Knot your outside color and next color like usual, but do not connect them in the middle like a chevron.  After three rows, you should be able to reconnect the chevron underneath the beads. 
  5. Continue until about 6 or 7 inches long, and tie off either with a knot or a couple of braided strands. All finished! 
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